Offer a
structural solution
for nuclear residue


Our team of researchers and engineers is working on a method to efficiently manage and purify a highly contaminated uranium residue. Their mission: offering a structural solution to the Institut National des Radioéléments (IRE). In doing so, we guarantee the global supply of medical radioisotopes while strengthening non-proliferation.

The uranium-residues from the Institut National des Radioéléments are shipped to our facility in Mol to undergo our signature-process. RECUMO aims to be fully operational by 2023.

Will you join us on the road towards non-proliferation? Your journey starts here.

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RECUMO's 3 main destinations

  • Safely manage highly radioactive residues

    The production of radioisotopes through the fission of uranium generates nuclear residue. The irradiated uranium residue still contains a number of recoverable substances. At RECUMO, we purify this residue, while evacuating the contaminants in accordance with Belgian waste standards.

  • Production of 99Mo, 131I & 133Xe

    The BR2-reactor at SCK•CEN produces 25% (sometimes up to 65%) of the medical radioisotopes in the world. At BR2, we produce isotopes to detect and treat cancer and disorders (e.g. overactive thyroid and lung). To secure the supply of medical radioisotopes, we depend on the availability of appropriate uranium and the proper evacuation of its waste.

  • Public-public partnership with IRE

    RECUMO is a public-public partnership between SCK•CEN and the Institut National des Radioéléments in Fleurus. RECUMO purifies IRE’s uranium-residue, thereby contributing to non-proliferation.

Why you
should work

Is there a more noble purpose than being part of a team that secures the global supply of medical radioisotopes? You’ll be indispensable in the fight against cancer.

Help us as a:


Research into nuclear material and Uranium-residue management by nuclear chemists and physicists has a positive societal and environmental impact. Working at RECUMO means working on a rewarding and long-term project.


Our engineers have to implement strict quality and safety provisions in their designs. They need to rely on every aspect of their training to make sure we can handle nuclear materials with care while withstanding all possible external hazards (including floods, storms, and earthquakes).

Management & operations

RECUMO requires long-term planning. That’s why our management and operations professionals have to respect strict timelines and balanced budgets at all time. Our lab assistants support research in an impactful environment.

is heading

The journey matters at least as much as the destination, right? That’s why we would like to give you an overview of where RECUMO has been, where RECUMO is today, and where RECUMO is going next

Route planner

Official start of RECUMO
First transport of uranium residues from IRE (Fleurus)
RECUMO is fully operational. Start of the refinement process of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) – the basic uranium material of the past
Start refinement process of Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) – the basic uranium material of the future

Most recent highlight

Status of the Low Enriched Uranium Fuel Development for High-Performance Research Reactors, Sannen L, Van den Berghe S, Leenaers A.

Careers with RECUMO

XP: 0y Cp Research Engineer Chemical Processes
  • design innovative chemical installations
  • prepare, organise and monitor experiments
  • lead and coach a team
  • master’s degree in Sciences
XP: 0y La Lab technician
  • Professional bachelor chemistry
  • High-tech, socially valuable project
  • Analysing chemical processes and conducting experiments
  • R&D job

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