Countless applications
of nuclear science


A community of researchers, engineers, and managers have come together at SCK•CEN to develop new nuclear applications and improve society. Aside from our 3 most-renowned projects (MYRRHA, RECUMO, and NURA), we support a diverse range of other nuclear research groups too. More than 100 projects have found the innovative equipment and undying support they needed to start their missions here, at SCK•CEN.

From radioecology to nuclear fusion – you can discover more about 4 interesting projects below.
Information on the 100+ other projects can be found here.

Explore every corner
of nuclear research

Nuclear deconstruction

In 1987, our BR3-power plant was definitely shut down. The subsequent dismantlement and decontamination of the pressurized water reactor was a European first. Thanks to that successful experience – and the information and skills we acquired – SCK•CEN is now a recognised expert in the systemised dismantling of nuclear facilities.

how nuclear
impacts the

At SCK•CEN, we don’t shy away from tough questions. That’s why we ask ourselves every day: “How can we protect man and environment against the damaging effects from ionising radiation?”.

A crucial part of that mission is to study the effects of nuclear science on the environment – both in laboratories (biological effects of ionising radiation) and in the field (site clean-ups and environmental restoration).

Image of the other projects

the CO2-neutral
nuclear reactor

Along with European and international partners – SCK•CEN is participating in the development of a nuclear fusion reactor called ITER, situated in Cadarache (South of France). Nuclear fusion is a sustainable innovation that would allow us to create a CO2-neutral large energy source with intrinsic safety and without generating long-lived radioactive waste.

Stay calm and
go to space

Astronauts can be exposed to high levels of cosmic radiation in space. At SCK•CEN, we study the effects of space travel on living species and the human body and develop new potential protection or mitigation means for astronauts by studying their blood samples and monitoring their immune systems and improving our knowledge of the cosmic radiations themselves.

Careers with other projects

XP: 2y So Deputy Information Security Officer
  • Assist in setting up the Information Security (IS) and risk management policies
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Risk management, network technologies and ICT infrastructure of large enterprises
  • Master’s degree (in an economic study area) with comprehensive ICT experience
XP: 1y Lt Lab Technician
  • conducting analyses with ICP-MS
  • ensuring the daily operations of the lab
  • team player and service-oriented
  • professional bachelor in chemistry - 4 year contract


XP: 2y Se Safety engineer
  • study th safety and protection against ionising radiation
  • coordinate and manage projects and supervise inspections
  • master in engineering in physics or nuclear

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