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NURA is a constellation of SCK•CEN research groups that push scientific progress by means of interdisciplinary collaboration. That’s why we are looking for a variety of nuclear experts to join our NURA team.

Will you join us on the road towards the better treatment of cancer? Your journey starts here.

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3 main

  • Preclinical studies

    We founded a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that will provide pre-clinical services to external partners in order to assist the development of new therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

  • Production of therapeutic radioisotopes

    Medical radioisotopes are used for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. As a Contract Manufacturing Organisation, we focus in a first stage on the production of 177Lu and in a later stage on 225Ac. Together with our Belgian and international partners, NURA develops more efficient therapeutic radioisotopes for future preclinical evaluation.

  • Radiopharmaceutical research

    As an innovative research partner, SCK•CEN is instrumental in the development of more efficient and safer cancer therapies. NURA, therefore, focuses on dedicated research that increases the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Why you
should work
with NURA

NURA is a strategic initiative that drives on interdisciplinary teamwork. There is plenty of room to bring in your own creative ideas, conduct fundamental research, design and perform experiments, build new future nuclear installations, and contribute to the production of new promising radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.

Make your mark as a:


Our researchers are at the crossroad of (radio)chemistry, (radio)biology, dosimetry, and pharmaceutical sciences. Since they are at the forefront of radiopharmaceutical developments, they have unique research equipment at their disposal.


Engineers form the backbone of NURA. They design, construct and test a wide range of facilities for NURA – ranging from advanced laboratories to large-scale nuclear installations.

Management & operations

Operational support makes sure that our laboratories remain state-of-the-art, whereas lab assistants conduct unprecedented research in a challenging yet flexible environment.

is heading

The journey matters at least as much as the destination, right? That’s why we would like to give you an overview of where NURA is today and where NURA is going next.

Route planner

The first phase of our pre-clinical and radiochemistry labs is operational
NURA is fully operational

Most recent highlight

Liposome accumulation in irradiated tumors display important tumor and dose-dependent differences, Hansen AE, Fliedner FP, Henriksen JR, Jørgensen JT, Clemmensen AE, Børresen B, Elema DR, Kjær A, Andresen TL.

Careers with NURA

XP: 0y La Lab technician
  • professional bachelor in chemistry
  • innovating and socially relevant project
  • analysing chemical processes and conducting experiments
  • contract of 3 years with option of extending


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