Solve nuclear waste


MYRRHA will be the world’s first sub-critical particle accelerator driven reactor, cooled by a lead-bismuth eutectic. Our main mission is to build MYRRHA and use it as a research reactor. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, such as constructing MINERVA – the project’s first phase that consists of a particle accelerator and a proton target facility. Project MYRRHA takes place in both Louvain-la-Neuve and Mol.

Together with large teams of ambitious engineers and researchers, SCK•CEN wants to develop new medical radioisotopes and solve the nuclear waste issue. Will you meet us at the frontier?

nuclear science

3 main

  • Reducing the nuclear waste volume and toxicity period

    Transmutation is the process of transforming the most toxic nuclear waste components with a half-life of hundreds of thousands of years to nuclear elements with a shorter half-life – all through MYRRHA-radiation. Our second aim is to drastically reduce the amount of nuclear waste (by a factor of 100).

  • Therapeutic radioisotopes

    SCK•CEN’s BR2-reactor – responsible for at least 25% of the worldwide radioisotopes demand at any time. MYRRHA will expand this radioisotope production, while also developing a new generation of isotopes in the fight against cancer.

  • Nuclear fusion

    MYRRHA was conceived in order to redefine fundamental nuclear research. And, yes, the Holy Grail of nuclear science is part of it too. MYRRHA will enable our scientists to expose materials to extreme conditions that approach those created by nuclear fusion – a sustainable energy source that mimics the sun’s power generation.

Why you
should work

MYRRHA is a truly unique nuclear project – driven to innovate on a global scale. In the end, scientists from all over the world will have access to MYRRHA where they discover new nuclear applications.

You can contribute as a:


Eventually, nuclear scientists will be able to conduct fundamental research at MYRRHA. Initially, scientists will help our engineers develop MYRRHA’s preliminary prototype.


Engineers will design, build and maintain MYRRHA. They are at the core of this revolutionary project as they will build an unparalleled nuclear facility. When MYRRHA is fully operational, our engineers will run and oversee the entire project site.

Management & operations

In light of the countless projects MYRRHA will empower, SCK•CEN is looking for next-generation project leaders. Additionally, maintenance will be handled by technicians with a degree in electromechanics, mechanics, and electronics.

is heading

The journey matters at least as much as the destination, right? That’s why we would like to give you an overview of where MYRRHA has been, where MYRRHA is today, and where MYRRHA is going next.

Route planner

Start construction of MINERVA, a 100 MeV particle accelerator
Construction of MYRRHA’s reactor and 600 MeV particle accelerator
MYRRHA is fully operational

Careers with MYRRHA

XP: 10y Ee Electrical Engineer
  • co-Design the BOP systems of the 100 MeV Accelerator
  • work in multi-disciplinary teams
  • master’s degree in Engineering (Electrical/Electro-Mechanical) required
  • international project with very ambitious goals
XP: 5y De Architect-Engineer (Building Designer)
  • design of the BOP systems for the Minerva part of the Myrrha project
  • working in multidisciplinary teams
  • international project with very ambitious objectives
  • master's degree in Engineering Sciences required


XP: 10y Si Building and System Integrator
  • master’s diploma in Engineering Sciences (MSc)
  • experience as System Integrator
  • an important role in a ‘one of a kind’ project
  • technically challenging

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