Welcome to our
temple of science

SCK•CEN Mol Belgium

Are you wondering what’s it like to work at SCK•CEN in Mol? Come on down and discover a unique research institute that offers plenty of extra opportunities to its employees.

How to apply

Every job has its own, specific application procedure. There are, however, a few application best practices at SCK•CEN:

  • We contact every applicant. This might take a while though, since our vacancies have a fixed deadline and we can only get in touch after it expires.
  • At one point during the procedure, you will need to present yourself to a selection panel – consisting of experts in your domain, Line Managers and HR personnel.
  • If you don't live in Belgium, we can host job interviews over the internet.
Image of a groups activity

After work

It’s hard to get bored at SCK•CEN – and not only during work, but afterwards too. We organise plenty of activities, competitions, and get-togethers throughout the year.


    SCK•CEN is surrounded by nature – the perfect location for outdoor sports. Along with our neighbours at Vito and Belgoprocess, we founded a sports club called NUCLEA. The club organises over 20 different sporting activities: ranging from long distance running to basketball and water-skiing.

    Not the sporty type? Don’t worry, NUCLEA also hosts photography and multimedia courses.

  • Events

    Get to know your colleagues at one of our team building activities, after work drinks (e.g. Thirsty Thursday), or after work runs.

Image of a groups activity

and security

Halt! Before you can enter the SCK•CEN grounds, you need to finish a medical check-up and a security quiz. These precautionary procedures can take place when you sign your contract or on your first day.