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Mol is the 2nd largest village in the province of Antwerp. Literally, it covers more than 114 km2. It is also one of the most international towns in Belgium, hosting 132 different nationalities.

Surrounding cities (less than a one-hour drive away) are Antwerp, Hasselt, Turnhout, Eindhoven, and Breda. Go a little bit further to reach Brussels, Paris or Amsterdam.

If you move here, we’ll do our best effort to find a suitable place to live, to learn and to let loose. All in Mol – a quaint village surrounded by trees and lakes.

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Upon arrival, you can always stay at the Corbie Hotel or spend the night at a B&B or Airbnb. But it wouldn’t be very prudent to stay in a hotel for the long run. Therefore, SCK•CEN can offer you 2 types of housing facilities: the dormitories and a – recently renovated – communal housing project.

However, for those who prefer to rent or buy a property themselves, there are plenty of opportunities nearby. Just look up 'Mol' on ImmoVlan or ImmoWeb.

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Education in Mol primarily takes place in Dutch. However, there’s also a European school where they teach courses in German, French, and English.

Many schools provide an after-school care program where children can do homework and play around until they’re picked up. Throughout Mol, you will also find top-notch day-care facilities for the little ones.

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Many internationals coming to Mol are accompanied by their partner. And more often than not, employment is one of their main concerns. Your partner can already start looking for a job before coming to Belgium. The most popular local job boards are indeed, VDAB and jobat.

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Fun activities
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Mol is located at the heart of De Kempen – a beautiful region in the North of Belgium. Thanks to its extensive nature, Mol is also a fantastic area for sports and hiking.

  • Cycling

    In Belgium, learning to ride a bike is a sacred rite of passage. Because of cycling’s popularity, there are plenty of dedicated cycling paths throughout Belgium. The municipality of Mol organises several cycling trips every year.

  • Swimming

    You can find a swimming pool in Mol called 'Zwembad Den Uyt'. In the summer, the local lake ('Zilvermeer') transforms into an outdoor water sports center.

  • Hiking

    SCK•CEN is located in the middle of the woods, and that’s not a coincidence. Mol is surrounded by different forests that include spectacular hikes to the Abbey of Postel or a more diverse biotope in Buitengoor-Meergoor.

  • Festivals

    Belgium is famous for its music festivals. Graspop – the biggest heavy metal-gathering in Belgium – takes place only 2 kilometres from the SCK•CEN facilities. Meanwhile, the calmer Havenfestival is organised yearly near the local lake ('Zilvermeer') and Mol Feest happens every Summer in the city centre.

  • Farmers' market

    Every Tuesday, a farmers' market is organised in the city centre. You can buy fruit, vegetables, and other fresh produce there.

around in

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If you have a foreign driver's license, visit the Mol town hall to have it ratified. (If you meet certain conditions, that is.) If not, driving lessons are required before you hit the road. Of course, you are free to buy or rent a car, but you can also lease a car at SCK•CEN.

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We’ve hinted at the popularity of cycling in Belgium, and there are plenty of bicycle stores in Mol or in the surrounding villages.

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In nearly every Belgian village, town or city, you’ll find a train station – including Mol. Start planning your next journey!