Life at the
Belgian frontier

SCK•CEN Mol Belgium

Hallo und bonjour! There, our 3 national languages have been introduced. But rest assured, everyone on the frontier speaks English as well, so you’ll fit right in.

The majority of our operations take place in Mol, but SCK•CEN has 2 other sites as well. You can find our registered offices in Brussels and certain projects, such as MINERVA, take place in Louvain-La-Neuve.

If you’re looking to join SCK•CEN, you have to take a few administrative steps first. More information on housing, schools, and transport can be found under Life in Mol.

BYOP: Bring
Your Own

Once you’ve landed a job at SCK•CEN, there are some administrative tasks that you will have to complete yourself. But don’t worry, we’ll assist you along the way.

It’s crucial that you obtain the following documents before you leave your home country. Visit your local Belgian embassy for additional information. These procedures can differ strongly from country to country.

Id Identity
  • Passport (EU)

    Visit the Belgian Embassy or go to your local town hall and ask whether you have to unregister yourself from your current residence before migrating to Belgium.

  • Visa (non-EU)

    After you have completed the hiring process, SCK•CEN will send you an employment contract and hosting agreement. You will need these documents to apply for a visa at the Belgian Embassy.

Start your application as soon as possible (4-6 weeks before leaving for Belgium)!

Cr Criminal


SCK•CEN is a highly restricted area. If you accept a job offer from SCK•CEN, our security...

SCK•CEN is a highly restricted area. If you accept a job offer from SCK•CEN, our security team will be in touch to obtain your (hopefully non-existent) criminal record (an official translation is required).

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The requirements
for working
in Belgium

Before you can start your journey towards SCK•CEN, there are 3 more administrative necessities to take care of:

  • Public Health insurance

    Required for all workers in Belgium. In exchange for a fee, you will be insured in case of illness, accidents or hospitalization. (SCK•CEN offers a dedicated hospitalization insurance – expandable to family members who live with you.)

  • Civic integration course

    Some newcomers need to follow an obligatory course which consists of Dutch and social orientation lessons.

  • Residence permit

    Once in Belgium, you'll have to visit the town hall at your place of residence for registration and apply for a residence permit. A valid passport is required.

    • For EU residents

      You’ll need 4 documents: your employment contract, a contract that proves you are renting or have purchased a home, your birth certificate and a certificate of household composition.
    • For non-EU residents

      You’ll need 6 documents: a visa, proof of payment (the €350 euros you paid to the Belgian embassy), your birth certificate and certificate of household composition (with an official translation if required), the hosting agreement, and a contract that proves you are renting or have purchased a home.

your way to
upon arrival

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Brussels, Charleroi, and Eindhoven – there are 3 airports relatively close (2-hour drive) to SCK•CEN in Mol.

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SCK•CEN is 6km away from Mol train station. You can rent a bike at Blue-bike (near the station).

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The easiest way to come to Mol is by train. Plan your journey here.