Co-Design our accelerator systems

XP: 10y Ee Electrical Engineer MYRRHA
  • co-Design the BOP systems of the 100 MeV Accelerator
  • work in multi-disciplinary teams
  • master’s degree in Engineering (Electrical/Electro-Mechanical) required
  • international project with very ambitious goals

Make your mark as our
Electrical Engineer

The Balance of Plant design unit is fully dedicated to the MYRRHA project and executes the design of all systems except the primary system. The unit designs: secondary and tertiary heat removal systems, all buildings, HVAC, adequate shielding and ALARA. Next to typical nuclear aspects such as radiation protection, confinement, shielding, nuclear HVAC, … all conventional engineering disciplines and aspects are involved: process unit operations, piping, equipment, instrumentation, electricity, industrial safety, …

As an electrical engineer, you will:

  • familiarize yourself with the current design of the accelerator and proton target facility (fi. MV, LV, UPS, diesel generator, power quality, EMC, …) and the history of the design
  • develop a more in-depth knowledge of the approach and requirements in the area of nuclear safety;
  • gather the top level requirements of the installation (accelerator, proton targets, balance of plant, nuclear safety, security, sustainability, redundancy, back-up power, ...) that are related to the electrical systems;
  • complete the requirements per system (functional and technical specifications);
  • develop a conceptual design of the electrical systems for the proton target facility (feasibility analyses, design descriptions, one-line diagrams, lightning protection and grounding concept, …), in coherence with the conceptual design that has been made for the accelerator;
  • ensure the compatibility of the electrical systems and their distribution with all structures, systems and components and other design aspects such as safety, radioprotection and environmental impacts;
  • support the integration team and providing input to the 3D modeller(s);
  • draft the technical procurement files for the hiring of an external engineering company that will develop the basic and detailed design, in-line with the procurement that is currently being finalized for the hiring of an engineering company for the accelerator;
  • follow-up the external engineering companies during the basic and detailed design phases;
  • Follow-up the construction and commissioning of the installation;
  • contribute to the complete conceptual BOP design.

To join this frontier, you'll need:

  • diploma of master in applied sciences (MsC.) and engineering (Civil Engineer or industrial engineer) in electrical or electro-mechanical engineering, or equivalent by experience;
  • at least 10 years of experience in designing the electrical systems of large projects (mainly conceptual and basic design);
  • experience with nuclear (and/or chemical / pharmaceutical) electrical systems is a plus;
  • experience with calculations codes and applicable (nuclear) standards;
  • understanding of the interaction between electrical systems and other BOP systems;
  • knowledge about nuclear energy applications and in particular accelerators and/or target facilities is a considerable plus;
  • knowledge about the instrumentation and control of systems is a plus;
  • experience with public tendering is a plus;

Contact: Frederik Deben

014 33 25 72

Deadline: 31/10/2019

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