Nuclear science that can change the world

From molecular biology to particle physics – at SCK•CEN, you'll find a community of researchers who are working on a wide range of ambitious projects. Still, our researchers share the same goal: improving society with our expertise and innovative nuclear applications.

In order to truly achieve this goal – and impact society at large – SCK•CEN has recently started a few larger projects: MYRHHA, RECUMO and NURA. These ventures require the very best minds of our generation. And for that, we’re looking at you.

Start applying
your knowledge


  • Explore your area of expertise

    At SCK•CEN, with the team and within the framework of the project, you can explore and broaden your area of expertise. You will receive the means to partake in relevant training sessions and attend specialized congresses to remain an expert in your field.

  • Nuclear research for limitless peaceful applications

    Whether you discover new ways to protect patients from radiation, produce new radioisotopes for better cancer treatment or develop innovative methods to deal with radioactive waste issues – our aim is to apply nuclear science in unprecedented ways.

  • State-of-the-art facilities for unseen innovation

    At SCK•CEN, you will have cutting-edge infrastructure at your disposal, helping you to perform game-changing nuclear research projects.

a place
for every

Imagine a grid. On the horizontal axis, there’s a wide variety of nuclear research projects (e.g. MYHHRA, RECUMO and NURA and others.) On the vertical axis, we list the many required scientific profiles (for instance in biology, physics, chemistry).

Undoubtedly, somewhere in that grid is your sweet spot: a project that motivates you to take nuclear research to the next level.

Meet your colleagues

  • Hands-on projects
  • Freedom to explore
  • Inventive and creative

Determined colleagues, ambitious projects

Antonin, Neutron Physicist

Every day, I contribute directly to the design and the improvement of our facility.

The place to be for nuclear research? SCK•CEN.

We have a lot of freedom to invent and discover our field. At SCK•CEN, You'll experience the necessary room for creativity.

Careers as
a researcher

XP: 0y Re Researcher
  • contributing to an innovative research project on the development of sustainable life support systems for a Mars Mission
  • contract of 2,5 years
  • knowledge of microbiology and plant biology
  • PhD or master’s degree in (broader) biology sciences
XP: 0y Cp Research Engineer Chemical Processes
  • design innovative chemical installations
  • prepare, organise and monitor experiments
  • lead and coach a team
  • master’s degree in Sciences

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