Engineer our future

Engineers will meet an interesting environment to apply their knowledge at SCK•CEN. And with a number of ambitious ongoing projects, like MYRHHA, NURA and RECUMO, we are looking to reinforce our team with determined engineers who want to turn innovative ideas into reality.

Any engineer that wants to design, construct and test unprecedented applications will find a home at SCK•CEN

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Your career path as an engineer

  • Design, construct, and test

    As an engineer at SCK•CEN, you can oversee the entire development process and the implementation of innovative nuclear applications.

  • Experts in interdisciplinary research

    Our engineers find themselves at the crossroad of interdisciplinary research, which, of course, leads to unprecedented collaborations. To stay on top of your respective field, you’ll receive continuing training sessions.

  • Build a better society

    At SCK•CEN, you contribute to the development of nuclear applications that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable in the long run.

We are looking for all kinds of engineering disciplines

At SCK•CEN, we welcome every aspect of engineering. Trained nuclear engineers work with controlled hot cells – assisted by a dedicated team of operators. Other types of engineers (electro-mechanics, thermal hydraulics, civil engineering, …) have the opportunity to design, construct and test unique applications throughout SCK•CEN.

Meet your colleagues

  • Hands-on projects
  • Specialised nuclear expertise
  • Exciting engineering environment

Nuclear engineering and beyond

Bert Rossaert, Design Engineer

Civil engineers, industrial engineers, nuclear engineers,... We all like to be involved in various stages of a project. And that’s what you can do here, at SCK•CEN – from designing and testing to updates and maintenance. If you’re committed to our cause, the projects will always pay you back in satisfaction.

I’m proud to work here. We do things that only few people in the world can do.

The most exciting moment? When we have completed a nuclear test set up. Even though you’re absolutely sure you did everything right and everything has been stress-tested, the moment you press ‘start’ in a nuclear environment is something else. That adrenaline never goes away.

Careers for

XP: 4y Se Project Engineer Security
  • Master's degree in Engineering or another Master’s programme (criminology, applied economics, commercial engineer...)
  • Strong affinity with technology
  • Threats related to both physical security and ICT security
  • Top technology
XP: 5y Pe Project Engineer (Electro)Mechanical Engineering
  • design the radiation equipment together with a team of specialists
  • follow up the construction, assembly and commissioning
  • civil engineer in mechanical or electromechanical engineering
  • 4 year contract
XP: 3y Qa QA engineer
  • Develop our coherent company-wide QA system
  • QA point of contact for several of our projects
  • Contract of 4 years
  • Master's degree

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