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At SCK•CEN, we are on the forefront. By developing new knowledge and innovative applications, we move the line of what nuclear science can do for society.

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    From aerospace biology to nuclear medicine, at SCK•CEN you’ll contribute to breakthroughs for the protection and progress of mankind itself.

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    SCK•CEN offers a variety of ambitious projects and opportunities to grow your expertise. It’s never easy, it’s never fast. It’s always worth it.

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    Enter an international community that favors collaboration over competition, facts over assumptions, and with access to truly unique research technology.

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The very first prototype of an accelerator-driven system, a powerful ally in nuclear waste management and innovative medical radioisotopes production.

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Our nuclear center of excellence is home to researchers and engineers who produce and develop medical radioisotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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An innovative method that aims to purify highly contaminated uranium residues, created as a byproduct during the production of medical radioisotopes. By offering a structural solution for the management of these residues, RECUMO guarantees the production of these much-needed radioisotopes.

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More than a 100 nuclear research projects have found a home at SCK•CEN in Mol. Enjoy a limited overview of the unlimited applications we develop – from radioecology to nuclear fusion.

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A crew of journalists interviewed Hamid Aït Abderrahim yesterday. Find out where the project is headed and...


"Escape room SCK•CEN major success at Sound of Science"

XP: 5y Pe Project Engineer (Electro)Mechanical Engineering
  • design the radiation equipment together with a team of specialists
  • follow up the construction, assembly and commissioning
  • civil engineer in mechanical or electromechanical engineering
  • 4 year contract

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